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The Timbermen, Inc.
Camak, Georgia USA
"Georgia's most reliable supplier of quality industrial wood products !"

A small portion of our 3.3 MMBF log inventory on hand December 2001 - enough to run the mill for 8 weeks - ensuring our customers an uninterrupted supply of material, even during extended periods of wet weather and El Niño.

High grade boards being computer scanned on our 1998 model optimized edger.

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Last modified: January 24, 2002

A healthy lumber inventory protects our customers from material shortages and price instability associated with lumber spot markets.  A closely supervised inventory rotation keeps all material fresh.

A thin kerf guided gang saw (1995 model) ensures optimum yield from every cant processed.

Chips, sawdust, and bark are all sold as byproducts - nothing goes to waste!