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The Timbermen, Inc.
Camak, Georgia USA
"Georgia's most reliable supplier of quality industrial wood products !"

QUALITY  -  The difference is in the details.....

Typical stringer notch with 0.75" radius corner.

Timbermen stringer notch with 1.50" radius corner


Our notching machine is specially tooled to cut notches with a corner radius of 1.50".  Many (if not most) of our competitors produce notches with 0.75" or 0.50" radius corners.  (They do this because that is the standard tooling that came with their notching machine).  Even worse, some will produce square notches with no radius at all.  A broad arch is a much stronger and more stable structure.  The Pallet Design System program consistently predicts about a 5% improved performance for the 1.50" radius notch in Racked Across Stringer (RAS) applications.  Our field experience suggests even more strongly that the failure rate of stringers is greatly reduced by increasing the notch corner radius. 

Our machine built pallets use stiff-stock, 11 gauge,  helically threaded, drive screw nails.  These nails are manufactured with American made carbon steel.  Virginia Tech research indicates that in some cases the use of a high quality nail can double the useful life of a pallet.

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